Monday, March 9, 2009

For Sale: Stumbling Blocks, in solids and fine veneers

FOR SALE: Fine, furniture-grade Stumbling Blocks, in solid woods and hardwood veneers.
Lovely accessories, add grace to your home decor as pedestals, plant stands, and as tasteful arrangements, combined with other pieces. Also useful as side tables, and with optional cushion, as foot stools or seats for small children.
Wonderfully inert, useful for stabilizing large piles of objects, as well as for stopping trucks, traffic, meeting agendas, and relationships. Quite heavy, on-site pickup only. Make offer.

A green collar job is not just a retooled blue collar job

Why is a a green collar job is not just a retooled blue collar job?

The old Division of Labor ignores the intricate web of life, and is what got us into our current environmental mess in the first place. The Green Collar Movement can't afford to perpetuate the destructive old division of thinking that is integral to the division of labor concept.

I have plenty more to say about this, which I'll add when I get a chance.

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