Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun!Raising Fair for Black Liberation and Community Development


3rd Annual Fun!Raising Fair, to benefit Black Liberation and Community Development in the Philadelphia Region, sponsored by the Philadelphia RC Communities

(If you're looking for the PLASTISAURUS story, skip a few blog entries down.)

Germantown Friends School, 31 West Coulter Street, between Germantown Avenue and Greene Street.

Performances by Chosen Dance and other local groups, plus games + crafts + music + fun

COST: Pick your sliding scale donation: $5 to $50 at the door.

Call 215-848-6496 for tickets or info, or just show up!

Come learn-talk-share about our history-culture-ideas about ending racism.

Humans of all backgrounds, ages, and beliefs are welcome!!!

This unusual spring fair is organized and run by a dedicated and diverse group of people, of all ages, social, and racial backgrounds, to raise money for Black Liberation and Community Development Work. Our goal is to create a space for people of all kinds to have an enjoyable afternoon, to play, eat good food, try crafts and games, and see performances by a great dance company and other local artists.

The funds raised by this event will go directly towards scholarships, travel and other financial support of Black Liberation projects and workshops for people in our neighborhoods. Your attendance at this event will help us reach our goals, build relationships, and celebrate our communities.

All are welcome and invited to come learn, talk, share, play, and explore what life is like when people of all kinds have fun together!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Make a TALL HAT with onion bag and balloons

(If you're looking for PLASTISAURUS, skip a few blog entries down.)

To make a TALL HAT with an onion bag and some balloons:
  1. Find a 5 lb plastic mesh bag from onions or potatoes. Make sure it's empty first, or it may weigh too much to put on your head. You also need two or three round balloons, depending on size; and something to make an elastic headband from. I used the cut-off sleeve of a short-sleeve shirt.
  2. "Peel" the sides of the bag down half way, and carefully inflate one of the balloons inside it. The balloon should fill the bottom half of the bag that it's in. If not, you'll need 3 balloons.
  3. Pull the sides of the bag up, and inflate another balloon in it. Continue until the balloons fill all of the bag except for that top 3-4 inches or so.
  4. Pull the headband over your head too far, so it's over your eyes and ears.
  5. Pull the bag over your head, and pull the headband back up so it holds the bag in place atop your head.
  6. Since you're now about 2 feet taller, duck to go through doorways.
A photo will be available as soon as I get one from the rally at which I recently wore this costume piece.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Make your own Easy Clowning Costume in 10 minutes!

Make your own Easy Clowning Costume in 10 minutes!

Instructions (cc) 2008 by David Calloway. Reproduction permitted by
Creative Commons license for non-commercial purposes, with credit to author.

A photo will be available as soon as I get one from the rally at which I recently wore this costume piece.

The point here is not to look authentic.
The point is to look
colorful, festive, and ripe for silliness

That’s the attitude we want to project. And when YOU wear a silly costume of any kind, it helps YOU bring out your inner clown. Wear your costumes on the bus or train on your way here, and answer stares by telling people why you’re dressed so fashionably. OR, bring your accessories to our circus, and attach them there. We’ll have safety pins, paper clips, clear tape, and masking tape on hand.

Have more easy costume ideas? Send them now to, and we’ll forward them to the list!




Find a colorful cardboard box; cereal boxes are great.

  1. Slit one edge of the box, then lay it out flat, face-down.
  2. On the back of the flat box, draw lines about like you see in the image at the right. You DON”T need to be precise!
  3. Cut the box apart along all the lines.
  4. With clear tape or staples, attach the narrow ends of the outside longer pieces, at a sharp angle, so they look like a pair of wide lapels.
  5. Do the same with the inside longer pieces, to form a second set of lapels
  6. Overlap the narrow ends of 2 of the shorter triangles, and tilt them so they look like a bowtie. Fasten them like that.
  7. Hold the bowtie and lapels up to your front, get them positioned just right, and tape or staple them together.

Goofy, huh? Now you have a set for yourself, and a set to give a friend!

Even better, use 2 boxes with different colors and patterns, and swap the bowties and the lapels, so you have contrast.


  1. Buy two rolls of streamer, or one rainbow roll, if you can find it.
  2. Cut a dozen or so lengths a few feet long, and cut a piece of string long enough to go around your waist or chest, with some extra length to tie it.
  3. Staple the streamers to the string, to make a “grass skirt” effect.
  4. You can tie the skirt around your waist, or if you make the streamers body-length, you can wear it at your chest, for a full, swirling mumu!


Find a big enough CEREAL BOX, and just put it on your head. Definitely, the highest-leverage effort-to-silliness ratio available today! If it keeps falling off, staple a string to each side, and tie it around your chin.